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From May 18th to October 22nd, the Hundested Sandskulptur Festival once again fills the harbor in Hundested with beautiful sand artworks created by artists from around the world. Over 700,000 visitors have left their footprints in the sand surrounding the festival’s enchanting sculptures over the years, and this year promises another fantastic program of art and entertainment for young and old.

2023: ONCE UPON A TIME Once upon a time, there was a small grain of sand that wished to become something truly special. Life in the gravel pit had become quite dull. But one day, a massive excavator passed by and took the grain of sand and many others to a bustling little harbor town, where talented artists from around the world clapped, brushed, painted, and shaped the golden grains of sand into the most fantastic formations. And on a beautiful spring morning, as the sun’s rays warmed the little grain of sand, it looked down upon itself and saw that it had truly transformed. Like a golden tear in the corner of a true princess’s eye, the little grain of sand shone brightly, competing with the sun, while enchanting tales whispered in the wind at Hundested Harbor. The little grain of sand had joined the finest company among world-famous fairy tales and storytellers. And if you don’t believe me, you can see it with your own eyes at this year’s sand sculpture festival at Hundested Harbor.

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The Hundested Sandskulptur Festival was started with the desire to create an attraction that brings life to the local harbor – with a view to the world. The event is both fun and inspiring, and in addition to seeing the artists’ masterpieces, there is also an opportunity to test your own skills as a sand sculptor. In the festival’s large children’s area, the whole family can unleash their creativity with activities such as sand shaping, sand painting, and treasure hunting. When it’s time for a break, you can enjoy a packed picnic at one of the festival’s many indoor and outdoor areas or stop by the cozy Café Skipperstuen, which offers a variety of delicious refreshments.

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