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Travel through time: Where will you travel?

The giant octopus is flipping the hourglass at the harbour in Hundested so you can take a well-deserved break from everyday chores. Here, time flows just like golden sand between the artists’ fingers as we welcome you to a spectacular journey through time. At this year’s sand sculpture festival, you can explore golden pockets of time. Lucy, the prehistoric woman, views the artists’ works as they transport us to the past and the future in intrepid ways. Evolution is an amazing thing. And don’t forget—while you (probably) can’t change the past, we can all make our mark on the future.


We’re proud to welcome you to the Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival, featuring sand, sand, and more sand, all moist and rich in clay.

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About us

Over the years, more than 600,000 visitors have left their footprints in the sand around the fascinating works of art at the Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival, now in its 11th year. The festival began with a wish to create an attraction that would liven up the local harbour and its view of the world.


It’s a fun, inspiring festival with plenty of opportunities to create sand sculptures of your own, too. At the festival, children and children at heart can harness their creativity in a variety of activities and immerse themselves in sand. Enjoy refreshments at the café while your little ones play in the sandbox.

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