Andrius Petkus

Andrius Petkus is a sculptor from Palanga, a small tourist town. In his native Lithuania, he is a pioneer and promoter of sand sculpture. He also expresses himself through conceptual sculptures in other materials, such as ice.

David Ducharme

David Ducharme, Canada. Until he was 15, David and his family moved every other year. That experience taught him to appreciate what he has and value the things that make people different. For many years, David travelled the world with a tree-planting project, and in 2003, his burgeoning talent as a sand sculptor won him first place at the World Championships of Sand Sculpture.

Ilya Filimontsev

Ilya, a sculptor, studied at the Moscow State Academy of Art. After graduating, he worked as a goldsmith for seven years before beginning to travel the world creating ice and sand sculptures.

Radovan Zivny

Radovan Zivny, Czech Republic: Radovan has been working as a sand sculptor for 17 years, after a brief stint teaching English and art. A well-rounded sculptor, he sculpts in sand, wood, and iron—and he also paints. He loves to involve his audiences in his works, too.

Lucas Bruggemann

Lucas has been sculpting in sand since 2002—but he used to be a butcher! His talents in art and event planning have taken him around the world, both creating sand sculptures and arranging events at festivals and in amusement parks.

Sue Macgrew

Sue has been sculpting in sand ever since she was 18. After finishing high school, she landed her first summer job as a sand sculptor in Belgium. She studied stage management for four years, and today, she applies that knowledge to her open-air works.

Michela Ciappini

Michela has always loved drawing. After graduating from the Bologna Art Academy, she harnessed her creativity as a theatrical set designer, creating sculptures and backdrops. In 2003, sand became her preferred medium.

Leonardo Ugolini

Leonardo is an experienced sand sculptor with 20 years of experience. He is self-taught, and he has travelled the world to exhibit his works. He often work with both large-scale sculptures and fine detail work, challenging viewers' eyes with 3D perspectives, optical illusions, and seemingly infinite compositions.

Marielle Heessels

Marielle has studied art, painting, and drawing. She works with a variety of 3D art forms, including sand sculpture.

Baldrick Buckle

Baldrick has been travelling the world since the age of 18. He has worked as a musician, busker, and street artist.

Susanne Ruseler

Susanne has studied animal behaviour and ecology. She has been sculpting in sand since 2003. The impermanence of the medium makes it all the more appealing to Susanne. Travelling the world as a full-time sculptor, she says sand is her favourite medium.

Dmitrii Klimenko

Dmitrii graduated from the Saint Petersburg State Academy of Art in 2004 and launched himself into ice sculpture straight away. The following year, he stepped into the world of sand sculpture. He also sculpts in wood and bronze.

Joris Kivits

Joris has been sculpting in sand for more than 15 years. He likes to express both attitude and humour in his sand sculptures. Joris has studied art and worked in the fields of graphic design, film, television, and photography.

Engurrand David

After studying art in secondary school and studying animation for an additional year, Engurrand moved on to art history and building archaeology. He has a master's degree in historic site preservation. In 2001, he took up sand sculpture as a hobby.

Helena Bangert

Helena Bangert, Netherlands. Helene studied modern art in Amsterdam. Sand offers her opportunities to express her creativity through figurative storytelling. She loves working with performance art, which allows audiences to see how artists' feelings and ideas come to life.

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